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Can I redirect/route IP adress to another IP address (windows) As you spoke about netsh, I assume that you are working on Windows. Run cmd.exe as Administrator. Exec netsh int ip sh int and press "Enter". Identify your loopback Idx (first column). Exec netsh int ip add addr /32 st=ac sk=tr and press "Enter". In my case, with IDX=1 I exec: netsh int ip add addr 1 st=ac sk=tr. (WVD) Windows Virtual Desktop USB Redirection Full Re: (WVD) Windows Virtual Desktop USB Redirection Full @otde5000 Hi we have the same issue at the moment, and we are being told by our dictation company that they dont support RDP to windows 10 (Multi session WVD) only to server.

May 09, 2020

Dec 15, 2016

On Windows Server systems, the Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) is used to organize port forwarding. However, there is an easier way to configure the port forwarding, which works well in any version of Windows. Port forwarding in Windows can be configured using Portproxymode of the command Netsh. The syntax of this command is as follows:

Mar 31, 2020 Redirecting Error Messages from Command Prompt: … You can print the errors and standard output to a single file by using the "&1" command to redirect the output for STDERR to STDOUT and then sending the output from STDOUT to a … command line - Redirect Windows cmd stdout and stderr to a To redirect (only) the error message to NUL, use the following command: dir 2> nul Or, you can redirect the output to one place, and the errors to another. dir > output.msg 2> output.err