And, apparently, history is only available for Google Drive native files, which take up very little space anyway. No, there is not currently a way to turn off the revision history. – ale Sep 27 '13 at 14:33

Google itself offers at least three support pages on location: Manage or delete your Location History, Turn location on or off for your Android device, and Manage location settings for Android Turn On and Off a Chat History - Google Applied Digital Skills Or, you might want to keep your history on so you can refer to something in a past conversation. To begin, go to Google dot com. Select Gmail. Select the chat whose history you want to turn off. Click on settings. And uncheck conversation history. When conversation history is turned off, messages will still be visible, but only for a short time. Turn On or Off File History in Windows 10 | Tutorials 2019-12-1 Google tracks users who turn off location history - BBC News

2011-10-7 · Google users have two options to modify the chat history settings. The first option is to completely disable Google Chat history. This basically means that chats will not be recorded, so that they cannot be searched or accessed after the session closes. Update: The option to turn off the chat history is no longer available. This means that the

2020-7-16 · Turn off Location History on an iOS device. 1. Open any Google app. In this example, we'll use Google Maps. (Alternatively, follow the steps above to sign into your Google account through a … Worried about Google’s Your Timeline? Here’s how to 2015-7-24 · Google says it’s easy to delete a day or your full history at any time. Users can also edit places that appear, including removing a specific location or giving a frequented spot a private name.

Google said in response that it provides clear descriptions of its tools and how to turn them off. The study found that users' whereabouts are recorded even when location history has been disabled

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