The first time I used Active Directory was around 2004 on a Windows 2003 server. We had an Exchange 2003 server, and I remember using active directory to create e-mail accounts. Back then, AD was basically just the “Active Directory Users, and Computers” snap-in, and a few other components.

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System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory Namespace

Active Directory - Definition and Details Active Directory (AD) is a directory service for use in a Windows Server environment. It is a distributed, hierarchical database structure that shares infrastructure information for locating, securing, managing, and organizing computer and network resources including … ClearedJobs.Net hiring Systems Administrator (Active

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Before actually performing a disaster recovery test, the plan for Active Directory should be reviewed to ensure it won't cause any conflicts with the production network. Note that this information is not applicable to DCs in an actual failover. That is a different topic altogether with different considerations to be made.