It is secure, but not alone i could say. I had given a more than an hour long session on the very same topic which includes why it is not secure just to use SSL (https) over http, How to make it more secure and how attackers take advantage of the

Increasingly, all websites use HTTPS; for example, in 2015, Wikipedia switched to HTTPS. For details about the HTTP protocol, see HTTP . To learn about the security protocol, see TLS and security Feb 05, 2019 · SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer protocol, helps protect information that is exchanged between a server and a client. If your browser says that your site is still insecure, there may have been a problem. See these common problems that could be affecting your site. For more information about what SSL is, see our Secure Server (SSL) Information article. When I surf non-HTTPS sites most everything is fast, however some sites will take really long. I was on last night, and was unable to browse the forums..the page timed out multiple times, and as far as I know that site isn't HTTPS. The question is about how secure the encryption is. In this case it doesn't matter how willing facebook would be to publish all it's users whatsapp messages, because technically it shouldn't be possible to them thanks to the new encryption method whatsapp uses.

+ Pros. Emails are encrypted at rest and stored on Swiss servers. Strips IP address from emails. …

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Switching to HTTPS with ads still over HTTP will cause mixed content warnings in browsers, so you better figure out a cute way to wiggle out of that ad publishing contract that looked really attractive when you first signed it, or convince your ad network to move to HTTPS before you do.

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