3.3 0.0 L2 TextSecure VS Android-Jigsaw-Puzzle This is an Android app where a user draws something and use it to generate and solve jigsaw puzzles of various difficulties (easy, medium, hard). I have been slowly adding features and plan to complete it at some point.

Signal >> Blog >> Simplifying OTR deniability. moxie0 on 27 Jul 2013. At Open Whisper Systems we help develop TextSecure, an encrypted chat application for Android. TextSecure was designed as a general purpose SMS/MMS client which would also automatically encrypt conversations when … The best secure messaging apps that protect you from The pay for privacy and security app options with perfect scores included Silent Text for iOS and for Android and Silent Phone for iOS and for Android. The apps are free, but using them means Edward Snowden's Favorite App Now on Android | PCMag Nov 03, 2015 How to Get CyanogenMod's New Secured Text Messaging

Nov 18, 2014

Due to the overnight success of smartphones, millions of people are connecting with others. Currently, over 15 million text messages are sent every minute worldwide. Most of this communication is happening in the open where any hacker can intercept and share in the discussion unbeknownst to the participants. However, we don't need to communicate insecurely. TextSecure. An secure text messaging application for Android. TextSecure is a replacement for the standard text messaging application, allowing you to send and receive text messages as normal. Additionally, TextSecure provides:

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collections. Tech Forecast. What’s next for hardware, software, and services. Most Innovative Companies. Our annual guide to the businesses that matter the most Signal >> Blog >> Just Signal Today we’ve started rolling out Signal for Android, which unites simple private messaging and simple private calling into a single app on Android. This is the culmination of our effort to combine TextSecure and RedPhone into one app, which we began on iPhone and are now bringing to completion on Android. Signal >> Blog >> Open Whisper Systems partners with Nov 18, 2014 Whisper Systems - Wikipedia