Deeplinks Blog | Mon, 09/24/2018 - 12:00 Today, the content-delivery network Cloudflare is announcing an experimental deployment of a new web privacy technology called ESNI . We’re excited to see this development, and we look forward to a future where ESNI makes the web more private for all its users.

Welcome to the EF Blog - EF United States About EF BLOG The official EF Blog is your destination for all the latest about our company, travel, language learning, and cultural exchange — we cover it all and bring you the freshest insights and advice from around our beautiful globe. Privacy Badger And EFF hopes that by developing rigorous algorithmic and policy methods for detecting and preventing non-consensual tracking, we’ll produce a codebase that could in fact be adopted by those other extensions, or by mainstream browsers, to give users maximal control over who does and doesn’t get to know what they do online. GO Blog | EF GO Blog

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Blog; Feedback; Contact Us; What to Consider Before Buying a Recording Device Writer | April 15, 2020. There are many reasons to own a recording device. Whether it’s to take accurate meeting notes or an easy way to quickly capture thoughts, a voice recorder is a handy device to keep around your office or workspace. However, there are many Eff stories at Techdirt. As explained in an EFF blog post, Bird, one of the bigger app-based scooter rental services out there, sent a completely bullshit "Notice of Claimed Infringement" to Doctorow and the parent Blog | Efficiency, Inc. - Part 3 Thanks for your interest in our products. Contact Efficiency, Inc., a leading distributor of courtroom recording equipment in Seattle, WA. Eff this blog Last night: 3 rounds for time 4 hspu 8 ctb pullups 12 185#dl 16 24"box jumps 6:29. I'm pretty happy with the time, considering I spent most of the day elbow deep in ferret dander, which I'm terribly allergic to.