Unblocking Netflix UK has never been more easy with My Smart DNS. Regardless of the device in question that you may be using(as long as DNS settings changes are supported) implement the corresponding DNS server for Netflix UK(listed in the CyberGhost Account Dashboard) and enjoy unlimited Streaming capabilities.

If you already have a UK Netflix account, enter your details and log in; you'll see the standard UK Netflix. 3. Changing Your DNS Settings Quit out of Netflix and go to your XMB > Settings > Dec 03, 2013 · Please note the codes have been reported as no longer working. If you want to access other country Netflix try out the Getflix service: http://bit.ly/2FWzMsl Sep 02, 2017 · On PCs, for example, you only have to go to Control Panel, Network Settings, and specify a DNS server address. Smart DNS Proxy offers several DNS addresses from different countries. The U.S. is always included so you can unblock Netflix now from anywhere using any device. Smart DNS Proxy doesn’t require software, so the tool is very fast. Jul 11, 2016 · How to watch US Netflix in the UK | Watch US Netflix on Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, iPad, Android and more. The bad news is that if you want to get US Netflix on your Xbox or PlayStation the process is a bit more involved. You need to change the DNS settings in your web connection. The good news is that – as always – the internet provides. If you set up your router, then all the devices connected to it will use our service. If you are an advanced user and don’t need a guide then simply change your DNS to & Jul 09, 2020 · The Unlocator DNS service makes the data communications appear to come from the US, and that is why you can use US Netflix, and other Netflix regions, in the UK when using the Unlocator service. Since Unlocator is essentially a DNS service, your Internet speed will remain the same and you will enjoy the full bandwidth of your connection.

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