Jun 20, 2020

How to play PS3 games on pc & laptop with emulatop (working) Jan 07, 2019 Tutorial to Connect PS3 Controller On PC - Win10Supports.com It is all about the tutorial to use a ps3 controller on PC. We hope any of the methods above work properly for you. If you have any questions about connecting PS3 controller on PC, tell us using the comment box. Thank you! Related Article: Bad System Config Info Windows 10; Kernel Security Check Failure Windows 10; How to Setup Dual Monitors

Jul 04, 2020

How to Connect PS3 Controller to PC (Full Guide) • neoAdviser Steps to Connect PS3 Controller to Windows PC. The first controller connected to a single receiver works very smoothly. After the program is downloaded all you have to do is to plug the controller into PC and start playing. The most recommendable software needed to be downloaded so that your computer will recognize the PS3 controller. So follow the steps below, to easily connect the PS3 How do i use a PS3 Controller on PC? : pcmasterrace

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PS3 Controller on Windows 10 | How to Connect & Use (2020)