Here is the rest of the document where I got my information on Bob Lazar from: Lazar Bob Lazar is a lier! His story is a pile of #, and now we can prove it! Tim warpboost. posted on Aug, 12 2005 @ 01:51 PM link . Thanks for posting. From the very first time I heard his story I was skeptical. Then I got on the internet and read what others had

Allegedly working at S4 from 1988 to 1989, Lazar says he saw nine different extraterrestrial vehicles there and has provided detailed information on the mode of propulsion and other technical details of a disc-shaped vehicle he called the sport model. Robert “Bob” Lazar. Of course, Mr. Lazar … Area 51 & Flying Saucers Documentary - Bob Lazar - YouTube Dec 08, 2019 Bob Lazar, UFO Hoaxster | HowStuffWorks Mar 31, 2020 Area 51 | The Conspiracy Wiki | Fandom The Area 51 conspiracy concerns the location of a secret military base at Groom Lake, Nevada, USA that conducted experimental programs in aerospace technology during the Cold War. The ground base came into public awareness in 1989 when Bob Lazar had disclosed its name and location on Nevada TV. Prior to 1989, Area 51 was not in the public's vocabulary. In ufology of the 1990s it was then tied

Film on Netflix finds UFO whistleblower Bob Lazar seeming

Robert Scott Lazar (Coral Gabbles, Califòrnia, 26 de gener del 1959), també conegut com a Bob Lazar, és un físic nord-americà que afirma que ha treballat, del 1988 al 1989, com a físic en una àrea denominada S-4, situada prop de Groom Lake, Nevada, i de l'Àrea 51, que segons Lazar servia d'amagatall militar per a l'estudi de platets voladors extraterrestres. Area 51 details left out of Netflix's Bob Lazar documentary Feature-length documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers landed on Netflix last month, narrated by Mickey Rourke and centred on the physicist and conspiracy theorist (or stone-cold truther Lazar - Yugipedia - Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki

Lazar (Russian: Лазарь, romanized: Lazar; Serbian, Bulgarian and Macedonian: Лазар, romanized: Lazar) is a male given name or a surname.The name is derived, as is Lazarus, from the Hebrew name אֶלְעָזָר (Elʿazar or Eleazar), meaning 'God has helped'. This short form of the name is especially common in various Slavic languages

I previously answered a question, Is Bob Lazar credible? I shall provide that answer below as I feel it suffices here. Physicist Stanton Friedman, a serious UFO researcher, attempted to check the background of Bob Lazar. Lazar had claimed to have Bob Lazar - Wikipedia Robert "Bob" Lazar (n.26 ianuarie 1959, Coral Gables, Florida) este o persoană controversată care pretinde că este calificat ca om de știință și inginer și susține că a lucrat cu tehnologie extraterestră într-un loc numit S4 în apropierea de Zona 51.Conform siteurilor …