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To delete a location group/business account, you must be an owner of the account and must first delete or transfer all locations within the account. Sign in to Google My Business. On the location group/business account you’d like to delete, click the three dot menu icon , then click Delete. Click OK to continue. You may need to sign in to Sign in - Google Accounts Oct 02, 2013 · If that describes your situation, you can always delete your Google+ account without bidding farewell to other Google services such as Gmail. Start by logging in to with your Having a similar problem. At some point, I "linked" an old work Gmail account with my primary, personal account. Now that old work account (which I don't have access to and I don't think exists anymore) still appears in my "Menu" (when you click the Letter / Circle in the upper-right-hand corner) and every time I try to join a Google Hangout it tries to get me to join from the old work account. Jul 14, 2020 · In some cases, you may also have trouble removing the primary Gmail account from your phone. This is the account that was used when the phone was first set up, and it is tied into many apps, like the Google Play Store. If you are unable to remove your primary Gmail account from your phone, it may help to first add a new Gmail account. Feb 08, 2016 · Google/Youtube made me mad by deleting all of my comments after I deleted my google+ page.

Google Plus Is Closing — Here’s How to Delete Your Account Now

Delete your Currents profile - Currents Help - Google Support Deleting your Currents profile will not affect certain other Google products, like Search, Gmail, and your Google Account. To learn more about what happens when you delete your Currents profile,

Feb 08, 2016

To confirm your downgrade on, go to the Billing tab in your account settings, and click Change next to Billing period. You should see a notification titled Plan downgrade scheduled. What to know about downgrading. When you cancel a Dropbox Plus or Professional plan, your plan change isn’t immediately reflected on your Dropbox account. Since then, I've received so much spam on my Gmail account that a few years back I created my own Google Apps account. I'm now using Google Plus on my Google Apps account but since custom URLs are unique, I can't get my full name since it's being used by my old account. Oct 11, 2018 · Hi Gaurav, Great question. If you don’t delete your Google Plus account, Google will close it for you when it closes the service in August 2019. If you’re still using Google Plus then you can keep your account active. But if you’re not using the service, you should delete your account to protect yourself from hackers. May 28, 2019 · Google has controls that let you manage what happens to your account when you die. You can choose to share everything, like your Gmail, Google Photos and more with up to 10 people. Use the scrollbar on the right of the screen to scroll down to the Delete your account or services heading. The screen now looks like this: Click the Delete products option. Click the Delete products option. Caution: Do NOT click the Delete Google Account and data option unless you want to lose access to your entire Google account.